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Blessed Mariam Thresia

Mariam Thresia is known to be the founder of the Holy Family Congregation in Kerala. She received the name Thresia on her baptism on the 3rd of May in the year 1876. In the year 1904 she was professed with the name Marian Thresia after she said that Virgin Mary in her vision told her to be called so. She was the one of the 3 sisters and 2 brothers born in the Trichur District of Kerala. Her early days passed in the misery due to poverty. Her mother was a saintly person whose influence was probably the great devotion of the girl towards Christ in her early days.  

At the age of just eight Thresia began to take fasts as many as 4 times a week and she used to pray to Marian Rosary many times in the day. Again at a very young age of 10 she took the vow of chastity.

Mariam was blessed with mystical experiences. It is said that people saw the aura of light, her healing touches and even at times was found to be levitating and the people used to visit her to see her levitate on Friday.  It’s said that she also bore the stigmata but she did not want any unnecessary attention so she hid it from all.

In 1903 requested the bishop to build a prayer house so that she could live a devoted life to god and to the help the poor people here. But Mar John Menachery, the priest Apostolic of Trichur wanted to test her vocation so he instead insisted her to join the newly founded prayer house Congregation of the Franciscan
Birth house at Puthenchira
Clarists which she denied. Then she was asked to join the Carmelite nuns at Ollur at their convent in the year 1912 which she refused too, saying that it was not her call. So finally the next year the Mar Menachery gave the permissions to erect the prayer house. He could not visit the newly built prayer house so he sent his secretary to give the blessings. Mariam Thresia and her three companions soon got themselves involved in the service of god and the help of the poverty stricken.  On the auspicious day of May 14th of 1914 the bishop himself declared the home seeing the efforts of the mariam Thresia as the Congregation of the Holy Family (C.H.F.) and Mariam Thresia as the 1st superior while Fr. Joseph Vithayathil was placed as the 1st chaplain.

Mariam Thresia took her final breathe on the 8th of June 1926 after developing a bad wound on her feet that could not be cured due to the diabetes in her. After her death in the year 1983 a commission put before the diocesan tribunal, her life, events of mysticism and etc on the basis of the surviving eyewitnesses.

Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia Pilgrim Centre

Mass Timings at C.H.F.

Holy Qurbana and Novena:- 06:30 in the morning everyday
Holy Mass and Novena:- 03:00 PM every Friday
Adoration:- 09:00 AM -05:00 PM on every first Friday of the month.

How to Reach Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia Pilgrim Centre

Visitors can hire taxis from Mala town or travel by regular buses plying Mala, Kundai. The distance shall be from Mala to Kundai 5 km and from Kundai to Kuzhikkattussery Pilgrim Centre 1km. 

By Train:- Nearest railway station is Thrissur about 35.8 km to Kuzhikkattussery 

By Air:- The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, about 32.1 km from Kuzhikkattussery.


 April 26, 1876  Birth day of Mother Mariam Thresia
 March 2, 1888  Death of her mother Thanda
 April 30, 1902  Meets her spiritual director Rev.Fr.Joseph Vithayathil
 December 8, 1904  Adoption of the name ‘Mariam Thresia’
 October 7, 1913  Started living in the ‘Ekanthabhavan’
 May 14, 1914  Canonical erection of Congregation of Holy Family. Appointment of Mariam Thresia as the mother Superior of the
 congregation. Appointment of Rev.Fr.Joseph Vithayathil as the Chaplain of the Congregation
 June 8, 1926 8.00 p.m  Death of Mother Mariam Thersia
 June 8, 1964  Death of Rev.Fr. Joseph Vithayathil
 November 25, 1972  Mar Joseph Kundukulam, Bishop of Thrissur appoints Mgr:Sebastian Chirayath as the ‘Actor’ of the ‘Cause’
 February 8, 1973  His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Parecattil submitted the minutes of the Bishop’s Conference for the Introduction of
 the Cause of Mother Mariam Thresia to the Holy See
 June 6, 1975  Institution of historical commission
 August 1, 1978  The Congregation of Holy Family raised to the status of Pontifical Institute
 June 3, 1981  Exhumation of the tomb
 June 3, 1981  ‘Positio’ submitted to the ‘Holy See’
 June 28, 1999  The Holy father declares Mother Mariam Thresia-Venerable
 April 9, 2000  Beatification

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Contact Address

Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia Pilgrim Centre,
Mariam Thresia Convent,
Kuzhikattussery P.O,
Thrissur – 680697
Phone: 0091 480 2787024, 2786738,


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